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We Provide Scholarships  and Grants in Coconino County, AZ


Foundation funds are provided to NAU and CCC who award scholarships to students. 


Coconino County organizations must submit a letter to the Foundation by no later than March 31.

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Your donations are used to provide scholarships to deserving students. Thanks for you support!

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Founder, Dr. R. O. Raymond

About Us

The Raymond Educational Foundation exists to carry on the dream of Dr. R. O. Raymond — to assist as many people as possible in obtaining a quality education. Dr. Raymond’s legacy lives with all graduates who have been helped by Raymond Scholarships.

The all-volunteer board of directors and the general membership of the Foundation take pride in continuing Dr. Raymond’s passion for education.


$130,000-$150,000 given per year

Doctor R.O. Raymond

Raymond Educational Foundation



Apply for a Foundation scholarship at the Financial Aid Department at Northern Arizona University or Coconino Community College.
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Organizations within Coconino County, Arizona who wish to be considered for a grant must submit a letter to the Foundation by no later than March 31 of the year in which they wish to be considered. More Info

Success Story

“Thank you Raymond Foundation for my scholarship… this money will make it a lot easier for me to make ends meet. Thank you again.”
Ryan Pepper

Success Story

“A big thank you to the Raymond Foundation for their generous support that allowed me to get closer to my dream of becoming a dental hygienist.”   
Kathryn Perez

Previous Recipient

Scholarship Success

“It is because of foundations like the Raymond Foundation that people are able to pursue their dreams and make them a reality. With the help of the Raymond Foundation I have been able to afford to continue my education and further my goal in becoming a nurse. Thank you!” Sheri Hiatt